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Разработка промо-игр и приложений

Cоздаем проекты под платформы Windows, iOS, Android и кроссплатформенные браузерные решения (progressive web apps)

playable pattern


Producing Digital Ads Since 2009

We have been developing digital advertising since 2009, when two brothers founded a company to produce Internet banners.

Most of our clients are large international brands, they are in constant competition. To help them win the market, we always use advanced technology in our work. The first banners we created were based on Macromedia Flash technology with manual animation. Then we switched to programmatic animation using frameworks such as GreenSock. With the development of HTML, we were among the first teams in Europe to start developing HTML5 banners. We have extensive development experience for mobile devices, which we use to create banners that work on any platform. In 2018 we created the first game banner in a new format, which was called Playable Ads. And in the beginning of 2020 we made the first three-dimensional game banner.

Our motto is Technology + Advertising = Love.


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